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Enter the HOFA Song Contest

For the fifth time now, the international online competition for musicians and music producers is opening its doors. Mobilise your fan base for the user voting and convince the HOFA jury of your skills. The participation is free of charge!

Present your song worldwide

The HOFA Song Contest is open to artists from every genre. We will make your talent heard, provide you with a stage for your music – and offer the chance to win attractive cash and non-cash prizes with a total value of over €20,000.

Listen, vote and leave a comment

Both contestants and music fans can discover new artists and vote for their favourites.

Terms and conditions

Any solo artist, band, project etc. can participate with one of their original songs. Remixes and cover versions are excluded. Every participant can upload their song until August 3rd.

The musical genre of your song is not relevant, because there are several main categories in each of which winners will be determined. These are the available categories:

  • Pop
  • Electronic Music
  • Hip-Hop / Soul / R’n’B
  • Rock & Heavy
  • Traditional & Folk
  • World & other genres
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Contest timeline

The contest starts

01 JUN 2020


Closing date

03 AUG 2020


End of user voting

24 AUG 2020


The jury voting begins

25 AUG 2020


The winners are announced

31 AUG 2020

About HOFA

Founded more than 30 years ago as a recording studio, HOFA divided into the following areas of music production and audio engineering:

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New songs

I Feel U!
Santiago O
Trance 8 0
Alternative 8 0
Synthie Pop 85 9
Dance 27 1
Run In Love (Radio Edit)
Isoris Music
Dance 48 3

New comments

CosminS at 10.07.2020 07:19 about Mid Season by CosminS:

Thank you very much for your support! Much appreciated.

The Lazy Dayz at 10.07.2020 06:22 about Maybe I Will by Ed López:

Very nice Voice and I like the Sax! Good Job! Voted!

straightouttacronton at 10.07.2020 02:21 about Wight - Hot by fatandholy:

Guys, Peter Frampton called. He wants his talk box back 😂 Seriously though, loved it, well done 😍

Ohsaaa at 10.07.2020 01:59 about Põgenen by Ohsaaa:

"Põgenen" means- "run away". in the song it's "i'm running away"

straightouttacronton at 10.07.2020 01:43 about Nobody Lies by straightouttacronton:

Many thanks and best of luck! Greetings from Cronton. 🤗

toeericht at 10.07.2020 01:22 about Dame, König, Us by KYONA:

wenn ich jetzt auch noch sage "schön, dass ihr wieder dabei seid"... aber war tatsächlich das erste, was ich mir gedacht hab. wieder mal ne schöne nummer und der text ist auch...

toeericht at 10.07.2020 01:12 about Wild Chase by Lukas Hinz:

schön arrangiert. könnt ich mir tatsächlich sehr gut in einer verfolgungsjagdszene vorstellen. ^^ kriegt ein vote welche vsts hat du da verwendet?

toeericht at 10.07.2020 01:06 about Mama by Chris Stühn:

da wird sich deine mama bestimmt gefreut haben. schön ^^

toeericht at 10.07.2020 01:05 about The Shore by Alinae:

creepy nummer die ich mir gut in einem dystopischen Film aus den 80ern vorstellen könnte. auch gut abgemischt. gefällt mir!

toeericht at 10.07.2020 00:58 about Run In Love (Radio Edit) by Isoris Music:

hallo disco! mal abgesehen davon, dass der song sehr gut abgemischt ist, holt er mich sofort ab. man bringe mir eine discokugel und nen haufen glitzer! hut ab und ein like!

Over €20,000 in Cash and Prizes!

There will be a main prize donated by HOFA in each of the six categories. In addition, a lot of attractive special prizes will be awarded – we are very happy about the support from our sponsors!

6x 500 € Main Prize
Native Instruments Maschine
Steinberg Cubase PRO
Focusrite ISA One
Adam T8V
Toontrack Superior Drummer + 1x SDX Expansion
Steinberg UR-RT4
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49
Ableton Live 10 Standard
Adam Studio Pro SP-5
Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio with Mic
Shure Beta 87a
Steinberg Dorico Pro
Novation Launchpad X
3x Vengeance VPS Avenger
3x Sonarworks Reference 4 Headphone Edition
100x HOFA Song Analysis
200x €20 HOFA Voucher (College, Plugins, Akustik)
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