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Skinny Elephants


Uploaded: 2 months ago | Deutschland

This is an unusual song for us, with which we ventured far away from the classic rock song into soundtrack realms. Enjoy!


pilots – all systems online
start your engines
3, 2, 1 – go

ooh yeah, that maneuver failed
Andra has lost touch with the main field

warning, track unstable
battery down to 45
coordinates of nearby
energy bases have been
sent to your PDA

she better catch up quickly
the collapse is imminent

weak spot detected at 300
initialising hack
foam access granted
uploading „sandy surface“
tire profile is adjusted

do you remember
centuries ago
when times were tough
long before the foam
follow the road
we don't need no leader
we go for broke
supersonic speeder

faster and faster
it's getting faster and faster
our hearts beating faster and faster
maximum overkill
we're on fire, fire
with burning tires, tires
we're spitting fire, fire
full throttle thrill

they say that we are living
out the perfect life
don't eat forbidden apples
in your paradise
what is the well-kept secret
of the meta-age
we lead the way, we are born to race

head-to-head – meta racer
final lap – meta racer
wave the flag – meta racer
they're chasing a dark secret
built for speed – meta racer
set it free – meta racer
hells unleashed – meta racer


ooh yeah, race fans
this place is electric
clap your hands and stomp your feet
to salute our heroes

pilots – prepare for round 2
revvin' up your engines
3, 2, 1 – go

we let the horses bite
we rule this speedway night
we live to ride without shortcuts in our trail
we come from far and wide
free as birds at Mach 5
forwards to die if all else fails

faster and faster …

they say that we are living …

energy reserves are not sufficient to penetrate deeper into the foam
please recharge immediately

ooh yeah, ladies and gentleman
that was the ride of your life
but we're not giving you a break
'cause whatever stands in our way
we'll blow the damn thing up


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