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Юрій Данильчук - Україна (2022)



Uploaded: 3 months ago | Ukraine

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Юрій Данильчук - Україна (2022)

Thank you for participating in the HOFA Song Contest! We'd like to give you a feedback to your contribution.

Wow! You managed to create an awesome sounding acapella for this contest. To be honest there really isn’t that much that needs to be improved. Mix and performance are mostly very on point and sound pretty nice. Still, we have a few points that could use a little do-over. 
Let’s start with the balancing of your tracks. Listening to your song we noticed that the hierarchy of your mix feels rather flat. That’s especially noticeable during the finale of the song. Since most tracks share the same frequency space, it’s essential to define the importance of each element by setting the volume levels accordingly, thus creating a clear hierarchy.
Some parts also feel a little unbalanced in the stereo field and make the right side of the mix seem a little dominant. For example, the right-side positioned voice at the beginning of the song is missing a left counterpart for quite some time. This is resolved after about 40 seconds but only lasts for a very short period. This is also due to the "dum" sound that’s positioned on the right side during the quiet part (00:54-01:18), which sounds a little too direct and outside of the mix. Make sure to add a little more reverb to this track and position it a little closer to the centre for a more unified overall sound. This also creates much more satisfaction after the rather right-leaning beginning. 😊 -The rest of the tracks mostly feel balanced in the stereo field.
Regarding the EQing, we feel like your lead vocal track could use more energy in the high mids. Boosting the area around 4kHz will enhance the character of this vocal and create a rich and upfront-sounding lead voice. 
Let’s get to the bass vocal track. It’s quite noticeable that the bass has a very different sound character, which makes it seem somewhat isolated and thin. First, we would make sure that the fundamental frequencies breathe a little more, as the function of this track should be to fill in the lower registers of the frequency spectrum. Furthermore, we found that the upper mids sound quite dominant, thus resulting in a rather „phone“-ish sound. Make sure to lower the range around 1kHz to create a smoother sound for the low voice. Also, we found that the transients of this track sounded very dominant. Therefore, we would suggest controlling the area around 4kHz by using a dynamic EQ.

Looking at the analyser we can see that the lows are lacking some energy, which is due to the lower voice. That’s also the case for the peaks around 4kHz. Also, we can see a decrease in energy between 3 and 6kHz. This is a result of this song being rather mid-dominant since it’s an acapella. As suggested, we would boost the lead vocals in this area, to let them stand out from the rest of the mix.

All in all, you created a very nice acapella song, which almost made it onto our winner list. The arrangement and performance are very on point. That’s also true for a big part of the mix. As already mentioned, there still are a few things that need to be tweaked a bit, but keep in mind that these are mostly very small changes.  
If we had to choose, we would say that your mix would mostly benefit from optimising the lower voice to create a full and rich sound in the lower frequency range 😉.

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Best regards from the HOFA team - enjoy your music!