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Max Joss & Mau Montekio - Ilusión



Uploaded: 2 weeks ago | Mexico

This is a pop song with a groovy disco sound, modern synths, and a catchy hook that combines English and Spanish.

“Ilusión” is about when you show interest in a person but don't receive attention in return. Going out of your way to make yourself likable to that person and failing, like showing up at a birthday party when it's already over.

The chorus translates as "And now what do I do with my dreams? If I'm ready but I'm not on your list. What do I do with my dreams?"

In Spanish, the words "ready" and "list" are translated as "lista" which helps present the cool word game: "Si yo estoy lista y en tu lista no estoy yo"

Max Joss and I met in a hotel lobby in Costa Rica. I was taking a nap on the reception couch when she entered the room while singing and playing the Ukelele, and woke me up. We became friends and some months after I flew from Mexico to Guatemala to write, record, and produce songs Max had come up with, including “Ilusión”.

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