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Trigger Line


Length: 05:27

Uploaded: 5 months ago | deutschland

Press Release:

Subjective [ACTION: MOVEMENT] filled [OBJECT: SPACE] with meaning -|- [LINES] were crossed {they move into [4][dimensions]} -|- [ENTITY: WE] resolved into repetitive [MOMENTS] after [moments] after [REDACTED]

Artist Bio:

Taube is a young Berliner who has been active in the local scene since 2013, hosting parties, djing and performing his own music live. In 2017 he re-launched the electronic music Label Sowasvon, with his two collegues Steven Maff & Wynt, as well as his own label Taube.

Taube’s multi-genre electronic music is specified by driving beats, careful sound design and versatile instrument use. He has learned how to mix and master his own productions, through his audio production studies at the SAE Institute Berlin and through masterclass sessions with professional artists. On occasion he works together with vocalists and other artists.

Taube is constantly researching new sounds and working on new productions to release. His track Belle La Vie was included to the fabric mix series 100, curated and mixed by Craig Richards, Terry Francis & Keith Reilly.

In the future he continues to explore a wide variety of electronic music sounds. At the moment his focus is on music production, releases and live gigs.

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