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Songcontest 2021 Electronic Music

Dragon Ride



Uploaded: 1 year ago | United Kingdom

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Dragon Ride

Thank you for participating in the HOFA Song Contest! We'd like to give you a feedback to your contribution.

It's hard to tell whether this tune is supposed to be a real song or maybe some sort of extract of a soundtrack or something like that. The disharmonies and the rather „chaotic“ arrangement are quite unique and there might be some fans of music and „art“ like this, of course. :)

Your song has some good vibes going on and the mood fits the song pretty well. However, the arrangement could be a little bit more on point - some variations and different harmonies would definitely bring it to another level. Unfortunately, not all notes fit perfectly. When writing songs, you should make sure that the rules of harmony are not violated (this should only happen under certain conditions). Unfortunately, even an untrained ear will notice wrong notes. If you want to use a note that isn't part of the scale, it should be resolved as fast as possible, so that the listener perceives the result as musically correct.

The sound selection of the instruments and the arrangement support the feeling that is conveyed by the text very appropriately.

Since the sounds used were all created "in the box", we can't say much about the recording and the musical performance. However, the tracks are all neatly programmed. The sounds used work well in context, but could be better. Unfortunately it is quite obvious that you mainly worked with standard sound preset. Especially in electronic music styles it is quite important to create your own suiting sounds for your composition. Actually you can develop your own signature sound from these and make your music much more interesting and individual.

The distribution of the signals in the stereo panorama is a bit tight. To achieve a more natural and balanced sound, you can place the instruments a little wider. Note that the panorama distribution also contributes to a better separation of the signals from each other and thus to a higher definition.

In addition, the overall sound of your mix has highly accentuated low-frequency signal components, resulting in an imbalance in the overall sound. This problem can be solved with an EQ on the corresponding tracks. We'd also recommend to keep an eye on the lowe frequencies when it comes to choosing the sounds and presets.

It's quite hard to say if there is any good frequency response for music and genres like this one. However, you can clearly see that there is a lot of energy going on in the lower frequencies.

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Best regards from the HOFA team - enjoy your music!


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