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Songcontest 2022 World

The people's uprising - La Sublevación del Pueblo

David Sálezmar


Uploaded: 4 months ago | España

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David Sálezmar
Song title:
The people's uprising - La Sublevación del Pueblo

Thank you for participating in the HOFA Song Contest! We'd like to give you a feedback to your contribution.

Musically, you have succeeded in creating a very convincing work with a lot of depth, which fully demonstrates your compositional skills as well as the expertise of the musicians. In addition, you have created very convincing recordings, so that we have no further suggestions for improvement here on a musical level. In the following, however, we would like to talk about the mix.

In the mix, it is particularly noticeable that the bass range seems very wide and actually runs a little out of phase, which is a problem especially for the mono compatibility. Since this is a kick drum-like sound anyway, you should make the side signal a little quieter here. Basically, however, the kick provides a lot of pressure and offers a solid rhythmic foundation. The bass has a nice deep midrange, but in our opinion it could have a bit more punch, especially in the upper bass range. So feel free to raise this frequency range a little. Dynamically, it is well-balanced and provides a nice fundamental sound.

In our opinion, the palmas could be set a little louder, as they are the main rhythm instrument and do not take up much space in the mix due to their high frequency range. We very much like the wide panning of the guitars, which provides a wide stereo image. The sound image also fits very well in our opinion.

In fact, the melodic instruments, i.e. violin and flute, seem to overlap a little now and then. In our opinion, you can first work with a little more compression on both instruments in order to place them dynamically stable in the mix, whereby they could also use a little more reverb. Sometimes you can also separate them a little from each other in the panorama.

The vocals already sound very balanced and the reverb used fits very well. Depending on how authentic and real or how "produced" you want to sound, the vocals can also be limited dynamically.

The analyser shows that your mix is quite weak in the bass range, which may be due to the wide stereo base. In addition, the mids seem a little loud, but this is mainly due to the guitars.

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Best regards from the HOFA team - enjoy your music!