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FAQ and contest rules

What's there to win?
The prize of €1,000 each goes to the best mix and remix. The main prize will be provided by HOFA. In addition, a lot of attractive special prizes will be awarded.

How are the prizes awarded?
The main prizes are determined by the HOFA jury. When judging the mix, the jury is looking for harmonious sound characteristics with balanced levels that fit in the genre, a well-defined spatial depth and a natural overall sound. For the remix, the quality of sound, the sound design, the arrangement and balanced proportions are decisive. In addition, the first-place winners of the user voting in each of the two categories Mix and Remix will receive a special prize. All other special prizes will be awarded by the jury.

Who can vote for a mix/remix?
Only registered users who have uploaded their own (re-)mix are allowed to take part in the online voting. Each participant's votes are limited to 1 vote per day.

Who receives a HOFA Mix Analysis?
A total of 50 mix analyses will be raffled among all participants who have chosen a song analysis in the upload process - regardless of the ranking.

What is the HOFA mix analysis?
The mix analysis is an important part of the HOFA-College online courses. In all HOFA courses, the participants regularly receive different music projects to mix. The submitted mixes are then checked by our HOFA tutors and each participant receives individual and detailed feedback. This gives the student a routine in mixing over time and allows him or her to constantly improve. Among the participants of the contest, we raffle 50 analyses. With this we give you an insight into learning at HOFA-College and a professional feedback as well.

What is the LQ/HQ button?
LQ (Low Quality) is a mp3 file with a bit rate of 192 kbps.
HQ (High Quality) is the unchanged original file.

Why can't I play the HQ version?
There may be various reasons. Depending to the format in which the song was uploaded, your browser may cause problems. In this case, you can either choose LQ or try another browser.
If you are using your mobile device, the bandwidth may be too low for streaming the original file. You have to choose LQ or find faster internet access.

What do I have to consider when using the Comment function?
We deal nicely with each other – friendly and constructive criticism is welcome. Comments with extreme political or religous positions and/or criminal, pornographic, xenophobic or defamatory content and content that is potentially harmful to young persons will be erased.

Can I submit both a mix and a remix?
Yes, you may submit both.

Am I allowed to replace the mix/remix subsequently?
Yes – but in order to do that you must erase the "old" mix/remix. Thus all corresponding votes and comments are removed. You can upload a new mix or remix then.

Which formats are supported?
You can upload wav, aif and mp3 files. We recommend the uncompressed versions wav and aif, however.

Which sample rate shall I use?
It is best to use the sample rate of 48 kHz defined in the recordings.

I like one mix especially. Can I vote more often for this one?
No. You can only vote once for each mix. Attempts to defraud can lead to disqualification.