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Mix by Equilibrium

Length: 03:29

Date uploaded: 13.01.2020 08:05 | Россия

I tried to create the perfect mix, as far as possible for me. Much attention was paid to the dynamics of the sound, the gradual development of the song, the climax at the end. The task was more complex than simply mixing. I managed to keep the average RMS level -10 dB without any distortion, although the beginning of the song sounds quiet. Using parallel channels maintains a fairly wide panorama. In addition, I have carefully treated to separate reverb settings for the percussion, choir and basic votes.

Waiting for your comments and ratings. Happy listening.

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Participant: Equilibrium

Thank you for participating in the HOFA XMAS MIX CONTEST! We'd like to give you a short feedback to your contribution.

Your mix is a little too wide. Make sure that you do not set the distributions in the stereo panorama too wide and use stereo effects only moderately. Try to check your mix in mono occasionally. If signals should then be very quiet or even disappear, there are problems with the mono compatibility. A goniometer or a correlation meter will also show you this problem very well.

The sibilants (S-sounds) of your vocals are a bit too pronounced. As a result, they appear somewhat "sharp". You can use a de-esser or a dynamic EQ to get this problem under control.

We also noticed a somewhat sharp sound oft he lead vocals. These have relatively strongly emphasized heights. Again, you can use an analyzer to help. This can quickly identify problems and can be very helpful for frequency balancing.

We noticed that the leveling in the mix of the backing vocals does not always match the musical hierarchy. Some voices are a bit too loud and stand out too much while others get lost in the mix. As suitable levels and proportions are the most important basis for every mix it makes sense to invest a little more time into a correct roughmix to reach suitable hierarchic orders for all the signals.

You did a good job regarding the rooms in your mix. The overall mix benefits from the spatial impression created by your depth graduation.

All in all you are already on a good way with your mix. Above all, make sure to mix clearer hierarchies. :)

The screenshot below shows the comparison of frequency response. The orange curves show energy over frequency of our mix while the white curves show the frequency response of your version of this song. The upper curve is for peak levels and the lower curve shows the energy over time. Therefore, the lower curve is more meaningful for the comparison. You should lower the volume of your mix by 4,0 dB as the auditory AB-comparison is only valid on the same loudness level.

The analyses of students mixes are an essential part of the correspondence courses in audio engineering at the HOFA-College. HOFA-College offers a wide range of courses in German language about recording, mixing, mastering and producing music.
You can find more info on our German website:

Best regards from the HOFA team - enjoy your music!


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