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Ultimate Sacrifice


Length: 03:53

Uploaded: 6 months ago | United States of America

This is an instrumental Metalcore/ Melodic Death Metal track from our band We Are Beasts. What makes it special is that every member of this band is either a Military Veteran, currently- serving Military member, or is/ has worked in a field of selfless civil or federal service of some kind. This song is a tribute to all that have fallen in the line of duty and protecting their nation, homes, and families both fighting next to them in battle and back at home. May they never be forgotten.
Recording details:
44,100 hz
recorded analog/ digital fusion (amplifiers for guitars were mic'd, bass was direct input, drums are programmed), we did this intentionally as all- digital components and mastering can create too "sterile" a sound, and we wanted to retain some element of rawness that fits in the motif and atmosphere of the reality of war and the battles we face both in war and invisibly at home.
Gear used:
Shure and Blue brand microphones
Line 6 amplifiers (rhythm/ lead guitars) and DI digital kit (bass)
Hydrogen drum machine with patch kit (open source)
D. Jacobsen- Guitars, Drum Programming, Mixing/ Mastering
B. Murphy- Bass Guitar
You can find our music here:

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