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Winners 2020

Main prizes

The winners in the 6 categories were chosen by the jury from the top 20 user votes.
Congratulations to all the winners!

Winner in the category Pop:


Winner in the category Hip-Hop, R'n'B & Soul:

Wir bleiben daheim
Wave Truman(prod. Chewkas Connect)

Winner in the category World & Miscellaneous:

Johan Weigel

Winner in the category Rock & Heavy:

Time After Time

Winner in the category Traditional:

Don't Let Me Go
SkyLand Records

Special prizes

Special Prize Steinberg UR-RT4

For the masterful combination of metal and electronic elements the band "Cry for Sanity" receives the special prize UR-RT4 with their song "House Of Cards".

House Of Cards
Cry For Sanity

Special Prize Steinberg Cubase 10.5 Pro

For the outstanding arrangement and the great band performance of the song "Not Another Coal Mine", "ToK" and his band "the Beatnik Preachers" receive the special prize Cubase 10.5 Pro.

Special Prize Steinberg Dorico 3.5 Pro

The impressive orchestration and the emotional vocal performance of both singers convinced the jury. "Barczabass" receives the special prize Dorico 3.5 for the song "Így Nem Szerettem Még"


Special Prize NI Maschine MK3

With his song "Home Run" Flo Beese clarifies what he can do with the German language. Flo Beese wins the special prize Maschine MK3 with his elaborate yet hilarious lyrics.

Home Run
Flo Beese

Special Prize NI Komplete Kontrol S49

"Floss" wrote a great and catchy pop song and convinced the jury with an expressive vocal performance and a sophisticated electronic production. Floss receives the special prize Komplete Kontrol S49.

Special Prize ADAM T8V

The speedy fingers of the instrumentalists and the catchy and hypnotic groove of this production in the genre of "Acoustic Dance Music" have earned the guys of the "Enyp Guitar-Duo" this special prize.

Mexican Ocean
Enyp Guitar-Duo

Special Prize ADAM SP-5

The jazzy acoustic song “Emotions” can convince with a wonderful mood and excellent lyrics. Marc Lezwijn receives the special prize SP-5 headphones for this


Special Prize Focusrite ISA One

The jury awards the special prize ISA One Mic-PreAmp to "HallSound" for the groovy and well-written song "Tribal Technology" and a great performance on the guitar.

Tribal Technology

Special Prize Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

"The Black Russian's" have created a metal production with great guitar riffs and a lot of punch, making them the ideal prizewinner for our special award Superior Drummer.


Special Prize Ableton Live 10 Standard

Flow and performance - these were the two points that convinced our jury of the skills of the two members of "Deft Color". Groovy rap parts and cool guitar lines earned them this special award for their song "Gypsy Sea".

Gypsy Sea
Deft Color

Special Prize Shure Beta 87A

With a beautiful vocal arrangement and a rather special family project, andreaf deserves the special prize Beta 87A.

Dilly Baby

Special Prize Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition

The song "Blätterteig" scores with its progressive song arrangement and the creative and elaborate vocal work. getHIGHfiona receive the special award for this avant-garde “cross-over”.


Special Prize Novation Launchpad X

Messergeist created a nice production with the relaxed techno track "Blurred" and impressed with laid-back vibes and a coherent arrangement. For this, the jury awards the special prize Launchpad X.

Blurred (Radio Edit)

Special Prize VPS Avenger

Besides the very catchy hookline, this song convinced the jury especially with its unique sound design and received the special award VPS Avenger for this.


Special Prize VPS Avenger

Leaving behind the usual clichés, Claude Lambert managed to write a great and opulent instrumental piece with "Wanderlust", which also features a very good production. He wins the special prize VPS Avenger.

Claude Lambert

Special Prize VPS Avenger

Jonathan proves with the song "Hold On" that he is a great pop songwriter. For the songwriting and arrangement of this song, Jonathan receives the special prize VPS Avenger.

Hold On

Special Prize Toontrack EZ Bass

The catchy hook and the super groovy bass impressed our jury. For this groovy summer-pop song Timo Scheib received the special prize EZ Bass.

Take Your Chance

Special Prize Sommer Cable Studio Cable Mix

A catchy chorus and a perfect rock arrangement - what more do you need? For this, "Austinrome" receives the special prize Studio Cable Mix.

Strange City

Special Prize Sommer Cable Studio Cable Mix

The jury awards Silvano Giganti the special prize Studio Cable Mix for his professional and catchy German Schlager production "Fly with me”.


Sonderpreis Sonarworks Reference 4 Headphone Edition

"Ladybug" created with "Home" a nice piece of music, which is a prime example for a well done ballad because of its beautiful sound and the atmospheric arrangement.


Sonderpreis Sonarworks Reference 4 Headphone Edition

"Manilo" have written a beautiful pop song with expressive vocal performance of the two vocalists.


Sonderpreis Sonarworks Reference 4 Headphone Edition

Majella has written great lyrics with her song "Bullshit" and is able to express them perfectly with her performance.